Did the Bride change her name?
Yes, Olivia is now legally named Olivia Landau. Update your address books!

Liv, what if 30 years from now, you look at the photos and regret having pink hair?
Then I’ll look at them in black and white?  Seriously. This is who I was when I got married. I don’t expect to be the same person forever, but who else was I supposed to dress up as for the wedding?

Where can I find the Wedding Registries?
You can find an itemized Wedding Registry here.  We’re leaving it up for the next year.

How did Dan propose to Liv?
Funny story, actually. Dan, Liv and a bunch of their friends were broadcasting a charity event over the internet, in which they all did silly things to entice viewers to donate money to Child’s Play Charity. Dan’s proposal was a surprise part of the timed obstacle course portion of our shenanigans that Liv had to get through before finishing the obstacle course with a time of 1 minute, 45 seconds. People around the world watching over the internet knew what was about to happen. Everyone in the room knew too. Except for, of course, Liv. Watch it here.

My question wasn’t answered! What do I do?
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